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tccv (two columns curriculum vitae) is a LaTeX class inspired by the template found at latextemplates by Alessandro Plasmati.

From a TeXnical point of view this is a complete rewrite. From the user perspective, the most relevant differences from the original template are:

  • this is a class, not a template document;
  • more than one page are handled properly;
  • the fonts are selected from the psnfss collection, so no custom font installation should be required;
  • it is plain LaTeX/Koma-script, so the CV can be compiled with the usual tools, latex and pdflatex included;
  • the implementation is heavily based on custom environments and macros, so the document should be much easier to read (and customize);
  • tccv is based on scrartcl (from Koma-script), not on article.

How to use

You can download the zipped tarball that includes a couple of examples or pick only the relevant LaTeX class.

The code is maintained in a git repository browsable online. A clone of that repository can be found on github: fill free to fork it and extends in any way you like.

A sample PDF generated by the above class is available online.


Personal box on top

The \personal box by default follows the text flow. If you want to affix it on the top (or on the bottom) you can make it a float, e.g.:

\begin{figure}[b] % Push the figure at the bottom; use t for top

Alternatively you can use the myfloat package:

% In the preamble
\newfloat{myfloat}{t}{} % 'myfloat' is arbitrary, 't' stands for 'top'

% Then wrap your personal data using the newly created custom float

Personal box broken in LyX

For some reason LyX (at least up to 2.1.3) escapes the brackets of the \personal optional argument, scattering the URL letters all around. If this is the case if you look at the source window you should see something like {[}www.myweb.site{]} instead of [www.myweb.site].

To solve this problem just readd the argument as TeX code by eventually using the CTRL-l shortcut.

Bullet points in eventlist

Tccv does not support bullet points due to its \eventlist environment that overrides the default \item command. That's why code like the following would not work (see #5)


\item{July 2007 -- Present}
     {Furman University, Greenville, SC}
     {Software Developer}

     \item Development and testing of automatic and semiautomatic machines
     \item  Designing of electrical schematics

Fixing this issue would either be an ugly hack or a breaking change to the existing APIs. Since backward-compatibility is desired, this repo won't fix this issue. However, you may view a variant of tccv that addresses bullet points (see demo here: resume.pdf, and its corresponding repo here: vwxyzjn/tccv-bullet-points)