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Tag plugin for Anchor CMS based on custom fields. Supports tags for posts and pages while gracefully falling back to normal behavior when no tag is specified.


  1. In the AnchorCMS admin panel navigate to Extend -> Custom Fields and add the following fields, making special note of the unique keys:

    1. Post tags
      • Type: post
      • Field: text
      • Unique Key: post_tags
      • Label: Tags
    2. Page tags
      • Type: page
      • Field: text
      • Unique Key: page_tags
      • Label: Tags
  2. Copy the contents of functions.php into your theme's functions.php file at anchor/themes/<your_theme>/functions.php.

  3. In anchor/themes/<your_theme>/posts.php replace has_posts() with has_tagged_posts() and posts() with tagged_posts().

  4. Tagged page usage may or may not be useful to you and implementation will depend heavily on your theme. Open an issue if you have a specific question or problem.


  • Add tags to posts in the Admin panel and separate them using a single space
  • Browse posts by tag by appending ?tag=<your_tag> to the end of your posts URL.


Pull requests are welcome. Contact me via Twitter or by opening an issue if you have any problems.