📕 Exploring a new notebook container format
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Exploring a new notebook container format


  • Entire "cabinet" is a directory of files and can be read either as a directory (read: git repo) or as a zip file
  • Notebook source (markdown and code) is in a markdown file
    • Question: Is it sufficient to denote references to outputs within markdown?
  • Images and other outputs end up in separate "sidecar" files
  • (somehow) metadata for outputs gets persisted
  • There's a manifest at the top layer to help tie this all together

The reason we're exploring this is for

  • git friendliness, while keeping outputs.
  • size friendliness, by virtue of having images and other binary data separate

Similar ideas elsewhere

A lot of standard file formats use a compressed directory with a manifest file as their organizing principle.

  1. Java JAR and WAR formats
  2. Open Container Initiative's Container Image specification
  3. Open Document Format