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This directory contains initiatives, technical and otherwise, that the nteract team is working on. The table below contains a list of these initiaives. Each directory within this respository contains a ROADMAP for the intiative as well as static assets, such as technical diagrams and archives of web chats regarding the initiative, in order to help you understand what we are working on.

Table of Initiaives

"UNDER DEV" means that the intiative is under active development. "PENDING" means that the initiative is pending completion of the roadmap, grant funding, or otherwise. "COMPLETED" means that the initiave is completed.

Initiative Status
nteract desktop application beta UNDER DEV
Remote Kernels PENDING
React Components PENDING
Bundled Application UNDER DEV
Real-time Collaboration PENDING
git Integration PENDING


If there is an intiative that you think the nteract team should pursue, feel free to submit a pull request containing the addition of the initiative to the table above and a directory containing a proposed ROADMAP and any assets related to the project.