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📝 Minutes from nteract weekly contributor meeting; reports and metrics
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nteract Contributor Meeting Minutes

Weekly meetings are on Mondays at 10:30 am (UDT-7) | UTC 17:30

Welcome nteract contributors.

This repository contains information about project planning, including notes from the weekly nteract Contributor meetings. You can also find links to our GitHub Projects page, our Roadmap, and a list of nteract's repos.

Weekly Contributor Meeting

What: Discuss upcoming work and short-term goals

When: Mondays | 10:30 am PDT (UTC-7) | UTC: 17:30

Where: Join us on Zoom:

Meeting Agenda on Google Docs

Planning Links

Link Description
Roadmap milestones and vision for nteract
GitHub Projects Page detailed planning information to meet our Roadmap milestones
List of nteract repos and ongoing projects includes links to every nteract repo


Maintaining the weekly minutes

To Convert a Google Doc to Markdown file:

  • Use Chrome add-on GD2md-html
    • Select GD2md-html from Add-On menu in Google Docs user interface menus
    • Select Convert
    • Choose Markdown in sidebar options. Leave boxes unchecked.
    • Copy and Paste converted output to a new document
  • Make style edits on the converted document
  • Submit a PR to this repo
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