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import * as Immutable from "immutable";
export interface FileModelRecordProps {
type: "file";
text: string;
export const makeFileModelRecord = Immutable.Record<FileModelRecordProps>({
type: "file",
text: ""
export type FileModelRecord = Immutable.RecordOf<FileModelRecordProps>;
export interface FileContentRecordProps {
type: "file";
mimetype?: string | null;
created?: Date | null;
format: "json";
lastSaved: null;
filepath: string;
model: FileModelRecord;
saving: boolean;
loading: boolean;
error?: object | null;
export const makeFileContentRecord = Immutable.Record<FileContentRecordProps>({
type: "file",
mimetype: null,
created: null,
format: "json",
lastSaved: null,
filepath: "",
model: makeFileModelRecord(),
saving: false,
loading: false,
error: null
export type FileContentRecord = Immutable.RecordOf<FileContentRecordProps>;