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import { JSONType } from "@nteract/commutable";
import * as Immutable from "immutable";
export interface HelpLink {
text: string;
url: string;
export const makeHelpLinkRecord = Immutable.Record<HelpLink>({
text: "",
url: "#"
export type HelpLinkRecord = Immutable.RecordOf<HelpLink>;
// The kernel info object is determined by making a kernel_info_request to the
// kernel after it has been started
// Documentation comes from
// We've adapted to both camelCase instead of snake_case here as well as flattened
// the structure. The original naming is labeled `SPEC`
export interface KernelInfo {
// Version of the messaging protocol.
// The first integer indicates major version. It is incremented when
// there is any backward incompatible change.
// The second integer indicates minor version. It is incremented when
// there is any backward compatible change.
// SPEC: protocol_version
protocolVersion: string; // E.g. 1.2.3
// The kernel implementation name
// (e.g. 'ipython' for the IPython kernel)
implementation: string;
// Implementation version number.
// The version number of the kernel's implementation
// (e.g. IPython.__version__ for the IPython kernel)
// SPEC: implementation_version
implementationVersion: string;
// A banner of information about the kernel,
// which may be displayed in console environments.
banner: string;
// Optional: A list of dictionaries, each with keys 'text' and 'url'.
// These can be displayed in the help menu for the UI.
// NOTE: To make it easy to use the KernelInfo type as a plain object in
// actions, we allow this type to be an array of plain objects or the
// fully immutable variety
// SPEC: help_links
helpLinks?: HelpLink[] | Immutable.List<HelpLinkRecord>;
// This section is all from the language_info object, flattened to the top
// level here
// Name of the programming language that the kernel implements.
// Kernel included in IPython returns 'python'.
// SPEC:
languageName: string; // on the spec
// Language version number.
// It is Python version number (e.g., '2.7.3') for the kernel
// included in IPython.
// SPEC: language_info.version
languageVersion: string;
// mimetype for script files in this language
// SPEC: language_info.mimetype
mimetype: string;
// Extension including the dot, e.g. '.py'
// SPEC: language_info.file_extension
fileExtension: string;
// Pygments lexer, for highlighting
// Only needed if it differs from the 'name' field.
// SPEC: language_info.pygments_lexer
pygmentsLexer: string;
// Codemirror mode, for for highlighting in the notebook.
// Only needed if it differs from the 'name' field.
// SPEC: language_info.codemirror_mode
codemirrorMode: string | object | Immutable.Map<string, JSONType>;
// Nbconvert exporter, if notebooks written with this kernel should
// be exported with something other than the general 'script'
// exporter.
// SPEC: language_info.nbconvert_exporter
nbconvertExporter: string;
export type KernelInfoRecord = Immutable.RecordOf<KernelInfo>;
// NOTE: This is not exported as the "makeXRecord" for KernelInfo so that we
// don't have nullables and can rely on the proper types. The developer is
// required to pass a fully instantiated KernelInfo into
// makeKernelInfoRecord below.
const kernelInfoRecordMaker = Immutable.Record<KernelInfo>({
protocolVersion: "0.0.0", // E.g. 1.2.3
implementation: "",
implementationVersion: "",
banner: "",
helpLinks: Immutable.List(),
languageName: "",
languageVersion: "",
mimetype: "",
fileExtension: "",
pygmentsLexer: "",
codemirrorMode: "text/plain",
nbconvertExporter: ""
export function makeKernelInfoRecord(kernelInfo: KernelInfo): KernelInfoRecord {
return kernelInfoRecordMaker(kernelInfo);