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import { RecordOf } from "immutable";
import { List, Map, Record } from "immutable";
import { HostRef, KernelspecsRef } from "../refs";
export interface KernelspecProps {
name: string;
argv: List<string>;
env: Map<string, any>;
interruptMode?: string | null;
language: string;
displayName: string;
resources: Map<string, any>;
metadata: Map<string, any>;
export const makeKernelspec = Record<KernelspecProps>({
name: "",
argv: List(),
env: Map(),
interruptMode: null,
language: "",
displayName: "",
metadata: Map(),
resources: Map()
export type KernelspecRecord = RecordOf<KernelspecProps>;
export interface KernelspecsByRefRecordProps {
hostRef?: HostRef | null;
defaultKernelName: string;
byName: Map<string, KernelspecRecord>;
export type KernelspecsByRefRecord = RecordOf<KernelspecsByRefRecordProps>;
export const makeKernelspecsByRefRecord = Record<KernelspecsByRefRecordProps>({
hostRef: null,
defaultKernelName: "python",
byName: Map()
export interface KernelspecsRecordProps {
byRef: Map<KernelspecsRef, RecordOf<KernelspecsByRefRecordProps>>;
refs: List<KernelspecsRef>;
export const makeKernelspecsRecord = Record<KernelspecsRecordProps>({
byRef: Map(),
refs: List()
export type KernelSpecsRecord = RecordOf<KernelspecsRecordProps>;