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🚫 Statically linked bindings for node.js and io.js to ZeroMQ
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zmq-static: Your statically linked ØMQ bindings for Node.js.

ØMQ provides handy functionality when working with sockets.

zmq-static will bundle ØMQ, allowing you to package ØMQ in your Node.js or Electron aplication.

zmq-static simplifies creating communications for a Node.js application by providing well-tested, ready to use ØMQ bindings. zmq-static supports all major operating systems, including:

  • OS X/Darwin
  • Linux
  • Windows


Replace require(zmq) in your code base with zmq-static. That's it.


To set up zmq-static, fork this repository and clone your fork to your system. Be sure you have git-lfs and python2 installed.

Prerequisites for Linux and OS X

If you are running on Linux or OS X, you will need to have automake, autoconf, wget and libtool installed. For Linux, use your distribution's package manager to install. On OS X, these can be installed using Homebrew and using the Homebrew command brew install command. For example, install wget with brew install wget.

Prerequisites for Windows

On Windows you'll need a C++ compiler, use on of the options provided here.

Install zmq-static with the following:

npm install


Run the test suite using:

npm test

Running an example application

Several example applications are found in the examples directory. Use node to run an example. To run the 'subber' application, enter the following:

node examples/subber.js

Examples using zmq-static


This example demonstrates how a producer pushes information onto a socket and how a worker pulls information from the socket.


// producer.js
var zmq = require('zmq-static')
  , sock = zmq.socket('push');

console.log('Producer bound to port 3000');

  console.log('sending work');
  sock.send('some work');
}, 500);


// worker.js
var zmq = require('zmq-static')
  , sock = zmq.socket('pull');

console.log('Worker connected to port 3000');

sock.on('message', function(msg){
  console.log('work: %s', msg.toString());


This example demonstrates using zmq-static in a classic Pub/Sub, Publisher/Subscriber, application.

Publisher: pubber.js

// pubber.js
var zmq = require('zmq-static')
  , sock = zmq.socket('pub');

console.log('Publisher bound to port 3000');

  console.log('sending a multipart message envelope');
  sock.send(['kitty cats', 'meow!']);
}, 500);

Subscriber: subber.js

// subber.js
var zmq = require('zmq-static')
  , sock = zmq.socket('sub');

sock.subscribe('kitty cats');
console.log('Subscriber connected to port 3000');

sock.on('message', function(topic, message) {
  console.log('received a message related to:', topic, 'containing message:', message);

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