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Support apple chip M1/M2/M3 2024 Start...

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A free software that provides NTFS read and write support for Apple computers

NTFS Tool Free For Mac

We are a group of software technology practitioners who love life and love programming. Using scattered time, we have developed this free NTFS Tool for Mac tool.

NTFS Tool is a pure version of NTFS tool that supports NTFS disk read-write, mount, launch, management and other functions. Its interface is simple and easy to use. I hope this tool will bring convenience to your work and life.

If this software is helpful to you, welcome Star's attention.

✈️ Official Website | 📖 Manual

💽 Installation

Download from GitHub Releases and install it.

Platform support

The author's original intention was to provide convenience for operating NTFS disks in MacOS systems, and currently only supports MacOS systems.


macOS users can click the link below to jump to the official website and download directly.

Official Website

✨ Features

  • 🕹 Simple and clear user interface
  • 🦄 Support USB mount NTFS disk read and write operations
  • ☑️ Supports viewing read-write disk capacity
  • 💾 Support manual refresh of disk information
  • 🎛 Supports image disk file space occupation tips
  • 🚀 Support image disk file uninstall
  • 🔔 Notify when operation is complete
  • 💻 Supports touch bar shortcuts
  • 🤖 Permanent system tray for more convenient operation [TODO]
  • 🌑 Dark Mode [TODO]
  • 🌍 I18n, View supported languages.
  • 🎏 ...

🖥 User Interface



⌨️ Development

Clone Code

git clone

Install Dependencies

cd ntfstool
npm install

If you like Yarn, you can also use yarn to install dependencies.

Dev Mode

npm run dev

Build Release

npm run build

After building, the application will be found in the project's release directory.

🛠 Technology Stack



🤝 Contribute PRs Welcome

If you are interested in participating in joint development, PR and Forks are welcome!

🌍 Internationalization

Translations into versions for other languages are welcome 🧐!

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📜 License

MIT Copyright (c) 2020-present Dr_rOot