Makes Odroid XU3 Lite fan silent on idle load
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Makes Odroid XU3 Lite / XU4 fan silent on idle load

Odroid XU3 Lite

Will only work on:

  • Ubuntu 14.04.1, Ubuntu 15.04
  • Arch Linux (3.10.69-1-ARCH)

Was not tested anywhere else. Might work though after adjusting script variables


Odroid XU3 Lite is supported

I only own Odroid XU3 Lite and test this device only

Odroid XU4

Some users report it works on XU4. Some users report it doesn't. Use at your own risk (@see Issues)

Is it safe to use?

I did my best to adjust fan speed based on current maximum temperature of any sensor.

Also, when script quits it brings fan mode back to automatic "factory" settings.

I use and will use this software. But in the end - if anything happens to your hardware, do not blame me please.


sudo apt-get install git
mkdir -p /home/odroid/
cd /home/odroid/ #make sure you can write to this directory; otherwise update paths below
git clone
cd odroid-xu3-fan-control/
sudo ./


To make it start when system boots:

cd /etc/init.d/
sudo ln -s /home/odroid/odroid-xu3-fan-control/odroid-fan-controller
sudo update-rc.d odroid-fan-controller defaults

To start manually

sudo /etc/init.d/odroid-fan-controller start

To stop manually

sudo /etc/init.d/odroid-fan-controller stop