Scripts to download and parse publicly available data from the city of Columbus, Ohio
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Open Data Columbus

This repository contains scripts to download, parse, and use public data from the City of Columbus in Ohio. It is a growth out from efforts to contribute Columbus's data to the US City Open Data Census.

What data can I get?

The Columbus page on the US City Open Data Census is a good place to start, to see what data is out there that you can get access to.

There will also be a wiki page which describes this data, but it doesn't exist yet. TODO.

What are license terms for the scripts? What about the data?

Scripts: The scripts are all released under GPL-3.0. If you need a different license, open an issue.

Data: The data is released under various license terms. While we make an effort to put license terms in the repository and output warnings when using the scripts, you must verify this yourself, as license terms may change and we do not get notified of these changes. Further, not all data has license terms, so we do not always know what the terms of use are.

How do I use the scripts?

Right now, you can't, because I haven't put them in here yet. TODO.