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An opensource 'AmbiLight' implementation controlled using the RaspBerry Pi
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Hyperion is an opensource 'AmbiLight' implementation supported by many devices. The main features of Hyperion are:

  • Low CPU load. For a led string of 50 leds the CPU usage will typically be below 1.5% on a non-overclocked Pi.
  • Json interface which allows easy integration into scripts.
  • A command line utility allows easy testing and configuration of the color transforms (Transformation settings are not preserved over a restart at the moment...).
  • Priority channels are not coupled to a specific led data provider which means that a provider can post led data and leave without the need to maintain a connection to Hyperion. This is ideal for a remote application (like our Android app).
  • HyperCon. A tool which helps generate a Hyperion configuration file.
  • Kodi-checker which checks the playing status of Kodi and decides whether or not to capture the screen.
  • Black border detector.
  • A scriptable effect engine.
  • Generic software architecture to support new devices and new algorithms easily.

More information can be found on the official Hyperion Wiki

If you need further support please open a topic at the our new forum! Hyperion webpage/forum.

The source is released under MIT-License (see

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