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Pixelated was the runner up for the 2019 BattleSnake Competition in Victoria, BC
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Team Pixel -> Pixelated 2nd place beginner braket BattleSnake2019

Missed the tournament? Watch it now!

Note - I have made this repo opensource but have removed some of my secret weapons to not give the BattleSnake2020 competitors a leg up 😃

Here is a write up of my journey to BattleSnake 2019. Some implementation details / ideas can be found here.

Note - I was also in the process of switching to oop so the code is sparatic as its an unfinished process

A Battlesnake AI written in Python.

Visit for API documentation and instructions for running your AI.

WARNING - As of January 2020 python 2.7 is being deprecated. Pixleated was written with 2.7 so an upgrade will be required or bad things could happed.

You will need...

Resources used

Amits A* Pages
Noahs BattleSnake
Python A* Pathfinding (binary heap)
BattleSnake Docs

Running the Snake Locally

  1. Fork this repo.

  2. Clone repo to your development environment:

~git clone<your github username>/starter-snake-python.git~
  1. Install dependencies using pip:
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run local server:
python app/
  1. Test your snake by sending a curl to the running snake
curl -XPOST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{ "hello": "world"}' http://localhost:8080/start

Deploying to Heroku

  1. Create a new Heroku app:
~heroku create [APP_NAME]~
  1. Deploy code to Heroku servers:
git push heroku master
  1. Open Heroku app in browser:
heroku open

or visit

Useful commands / tools

  1. View server logs with the heroku logs command:
heroku logs --tail
heroku logs -n 500 <- can be any value to display logs 
  1. Output to file and console command:
python app/ | tee output.txt
  1. Using nodemon for live reloads:
  • install nodemon
npm install -g nodemon
  • Run snake
nodemon --exec python
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