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A lyric viewer/downloader for Mac OS X
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Lyricus is a minimalist lyric reader/editor for Mac OS X "Snow Leopard" and later. I started developing in part out of boredom, but also in part because I was missing something small to read lyrics in.  Before Lyricus, I used Firefox, but with the lyrics in one tab, you have to switch back and forth a lot. I could have used a new, sized down window, but I wanted to practice Cocoa as well!

See the Wiki for a list of features.

Two old, but mostly relevant pictures (please note that the toolbar can be hidden):
The main lyric window (0.70):
The preferences window (0.76):

* The download is here:
* Please, please, *please* report all and any bugs and/or feature requests, either using the issue tracker on this site, or via email (serenity*@*exscape*.*org). I'm the only dev, and I'm also the QA team. ;)
If you don't tell me about a problem, I may well never find it nor fix it!

Please note that Lyricus is only supported on OS X "Snow Leopard" and later (Intel Macs only).
Version 0.86 and earlier are also compatible with OS X "Leopard".
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