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Vim Plugin for the open source note-taking tool Paperwork
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paperwork is 'an open source note-taking and archiving tool'.

vim-paperwork allows you to create, edit and delete notes from vim. Vim folds are used to display notebooks, thus default and personal keybindings can be used to navigate the sidebar.

The final aim of this plugin is to provide a seamless interface to the users notes, while not needing any keybindings aside from the one opening the sidebar.


Install this plugin with your preferred plugin-manager. vim-paperwork requires webapi-vim

Define the following variables:

g:paperwork_host = 'host'
g:paperwork_user = 'user'
g:paperwork_password = 'password' " not recommended


Currently only editing of existing notes is possible.


Per default the sidebar can be opened with <leader>P, pressing enter on a note entry closes the sidebar and opens the note in a new buffer.

Editing notes

:write and equivalents writes the note to the temporary file and updates the note on the remote host. :quit and equivalents deletes the buffer and the temporary file.

#I found a bug/issue! If you got the message 'Error! HTTP status code: [...]' please submit an issue with the output that was appended to the current buffer.

If you encountered another problem, execute let g:paperwork_debug = 1, try to replicate it, then execute call paperwork#base#messages_save() in an empty buffer and add the output to your issue.


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