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Q: What's this for?
A: This plugin automatically hides the "Files" accordion after loading OctoPrint's UI.

Q: Why does this exist?
A: To make OctoPrint's UI neater when runing fully automated, or if its entire UI is included as a browser source in OBS studio to stream a print progress to twtich / youtube where browser interaction for manual contraction may not exist.

Q: I've expanded the files accordion to load a file, why didn't it automatically contract again?
A: This plugin only automatically shrinks the files menu after the initial page load, similar to the way the connection accordion only automatically contracts once a connection is established. Manually expanding the accordion will not reset the timer, it is assumed anyone expanding the files menu wishes to interact with it and will contract it again manually when they're finished.

Also, hovering over the files accordion during the initial timeout will cancel the timer since it is assumed if the mouse cursor is over the files accordion, the user is attempting to interact with it and automatically hiding it during interaction would be bad.
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