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Q: Why isn't the stop button at the top of the sidebar like it is in the screenshots?
A: By default, OctoPrint will put plugins at the bottom of the list. You have to edit your config.yaml file to place the plugin at the top.

Please see OctoPrint's config.yaml documentation here: http://docs.octoprint.org/en/master/configuration/config_yaml.html#appearance

and edit your appearance section, adding the - plugin_estop entry to the top of the sidebar: list (it can be the only entry in the list if you don't wish to re-order any of the other tabs).
      - plugin_estop
There is a convenient yaml patcher plugin to make adding the necessary lines easier http://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/yamlpatcher/

Q: Why don't you move it to the top of the list on install by automatically adding the necessary lines to config.yaml ?
A: Because messing about with OctoPrint's configuration files is bad news, and doing it automatically behind a users back is a misuse of trust. Users can place the button anywhere they like on the sidebar by editing their configuration, perhaps they already have another plugin they'd like to be at the very top instead, and they'd like this one to be second in the list. I had thought about it, but decided against it.

Q: I pressed the button, but the printer continued doing what it was doing, why?
A: All the button does, is send the emergency stop command (by default that's M112), how your printer responds to that is up to its firmware.

Many firmwares have several "blocking" commands, commands that will actively block communications until the command has finished executing. A good example of that, is the extruder's "heat and wait" command, which will heat the extruder and ignore any further communication from your host until complete. In situations like that, there is nothing the host can do to stop the printer.

If the printer wasn't in the middle of a heating or cooling cycle and it failed to respond, make sure you have the correct emergency stop command set (default is M112), for firmware that uses a non-standard emergency stop command, a user setting is provided.

Ultimately there is no better emergency stop button than a physical button you push with your hand that instantly cuts all power coming in to the printer. A software solution should not be relied upon in the event of a printer fire or other catastrophic failure where host => printer communication may be compromised.
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