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2018-06-12 PF_RING 7.1
* ZC Library
- New API pfring_zc_pkt_buff_pull / pfring_zc_pkt_buff_push to manage buffer head room
- New builtin hash pfring_zc_builtin_gre_hash with support for GRE tunneling
- zbalance_ipc -m 5 option for enabling GRE hashing
- Support for up to 64 queues in pfring_zc_send_pkt_multi and pfring_zc_distribution_func
- Fix for attaching to ZC IPC queues from containers
* FT Library (New)
- L7 flow classification and filtering library
- Event-driven capture-agnostic API
- Sample applications
- ftflow: flow records generation with PF_RING capture
- ftflow_pcap: flow records generation with PCAP capture
- ftflow_dpdk: flow records generation with DPDK capture
- fttest: performance benchmarking tool
- zbalance_ipc extension to process flows and filter packets
* nBroker (New)
- Traffic steering and filtering on Intel RRC (FM10K adapters)
- Daemon to drive the adapter (nbrokerd)
- API to configure the adapter using a C library (nbrokerlib)
- Command-line tool with auto-completion to configure the adapter using scripts (nbroker-cli)
- Low-level library used by nbrokerd to drive the adapter (rrclib)
* PF_RING-aware Libpcap
- PCAP_PF_RING_USERSPACE_BPF env var to force userspace filtering instead of kernel filtering
* PF_RING Kernel Module
- Full support for namespaces and containers
- Fixed skbuff forwarding with fast-tx using reflect_packet
- Fixed VLAN support in BPF with kernel extensions
- Fixed support for NetXtreme cards with multiple queues
- Fixed sw hash filtering for IPv6
- Fixed intel_82599_perfect_filter_hw_rule VLAN byte order
- Fixed huge rings (high number of slots or huge slot size)
- Fixed VLAN offset and packet hash in case of QinQ and VLAN offload
- Support for Ubuntu 18
- Support for latest Centos 7 kernel
- Support for latest Debian 8 kernel
* PF_RING Capture Modules
- Released source code for FPGA capture modules including Endace, Exablaze, Inveatech, Mellanox, Netcope
- Accolade lib updates
- New flag PF_RING_FLOW_OFFLOAD_NOUP to enable flow offload without flow updates (standard raw packets are received, flow id is in the packet hash)
- Automatically generate the rule ID using rule_id = FILTERING_RULE_AUTO_RULE_ID
- Support for accolade 200Ku Flex adapters
- Fiberblaze lib updates
- Packet recv in chunk mode
- Fixed extraction from npcap/timeline in case of empty PCAP files in the dump set
- Endace DAG updates
- Setting extended_hdr.pkt_hash from ERF FlowID or Packet Signature extension headers if available
- Support for pfring_set_application_name
- Support for pfring_dag_findalldevs
- Napatech lib updates
- Support for sdk v10
* Drivers
- e1000e zc driver update v.
- i40e zc driver update v.2.4.6
- ixgbe zc driver update v.5.3.7
- igb zc driver update v.
- Fixed interrupts handling on i40e when in zc mode, this fixes the case where packets are received in batches of 4/8 packets
- Using nbrokerd for initializing FM10K adapters and configuring the RRC switch
* nBPF
- Fixed rules constraints
* Misc
- Reworked init.d systemd support
- New pf_ringctl script to manage pf_ring and drivers (this is used by init.d/systemd)
- Documentation improvements, Doxygen integration with "read the docs"
2017-10-20 PF_RING 7.0

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