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2018-06-12 PF_RING 7.1
2018-12-19 PF_RING 7.4

* PF_RING Library

- New pfring_open PF_RING_DO_NOT_STRIP_FCS flag to disable FCS/CRC stripping (when supported by the adapter)
- Improved support for cross-compilation
- New PF_RING_FT_CONF environment variable to enable PF_RING FT support and load L7 filtering rules
- New PF_RING_FT_PROTOCOLS environment variable to load L7 protocols when PF_RING FT for L7 filtering is enabled

* ZC Library

- New pfring_zc_open_device flag PF_RING_ZC_DO_NOT_STRIP_FCS to disable FCS/CRC stripping (when supported by the adapter)
- New builtin hash function pfring_zc_builtin_5tuple_hash based on 5-tuple
- Fixed SPSC queues BPF support
- Fixed KVM/ivshmem support on Ubuntu 16
- Fixed pfring_zc_recv_pkt_burst with ixgbe-zc drivers

* FT Library

- New pfring_ft_set_l7_detected_callback API to set a callback for classified flows/packets (L7 protocol detected)
- New pfring_ft_set_default_action API to set the default action for classified L7 flows
- New pfring_ft_flow_get_action API to get the computed/actual flow action asyncronously
- New pfring_ft_create_table flow_lifetime_timeout parameter to configure the maximum flow duration
- New pfring_ft_load_ndpi_protocols API to load custom nDPI protocols from a configuration file (example:
- New pfring_ft_is_ndpi_available API to check nDPI availability
- Added active_flows to pfring_ft_stats to get the number of currently active flows

* PF_RING-aware Libpcap

- New pcap_get_pfring_handle API to get the PF_RING handle used by Libpcap
- New PCAP_PF_RING_ALWAYS_SYNC_FD environment variable for applications not using the fd provided by pcap_get_selectable_fd
- Fix for applications polling from the pcap selectable fd when ZC drivers are used

* PF_RING Kernel Module

- Updates to support kernel 4.18 or older
- Fixed 'stack' TX capture in ZC mode
- Fixed ifindex lookup
- Fixed promiscuous mode corner cases
- Fixed arm32 support
- Fixed IPv6 support in software filtering rules
- Fixed software hash rules
- Fixed kernel clustering in case of non-IP packets (sporadically recognized as IP fragments when the fragments cache was enabled)

* PF_RING Capture Modules

- Timeline module fixes:
- Fixed extraction of non-IP packets
- Fixed permissions check when running as unprivileges user, when the user has permissions on the filesystem
- Accolade module update to support latest SDK API and features
- Fixed Fiberblaze module bulk mode

* ZC Drivers

- New ixgbevf ZC driver
- Drivers updates to support kernel 4.18 or older
- Fixed sporadic crashes during application startup on high traffic rates
- Fixed the DKMS packages
- i40e ZC driver improvements:
- Forcing symmetric RSS hash on old firmwares
- Improved interrupts management to fix packets delivered in batches
- Fixed interrupts management when multiple sockets are active on the same interface (RX+TX or RSS)
- ixgbe ZC driver improvements:
- Increased max MTU length to 16K
- Fixed card reset due to kernel-space TX packets pending while the interface is in use by ZC
- Improved hardware timestamp support for igb ZC (i350/82580 adapters)

* nBPF

- Fixed 'portrange' token in BPF-like filters

* Examples

- New pftimeline example to extract traffic from a n2disk dump set using the pf_ring API
- New pfsend -M <mac> option to forge the source MAC address
- zbalance_ipc improvements:
- Added -m 6 distribution function (interface X to queue X)
- Added queues and TX interface stats under /proc (-p)
- Fixed multiapp (fanout) distribution for more than 32 egress queues
- ftflow improvements:
- New -F option to load rules from a configuration file
- New -p option to load custom protocols
- Improved output (e.g. printing the flow action)
- Improved ftflow_dpdk example, added bridging support
- Fixed software filtering in pfcount (enabling full headers when filtering is enabled)

* IDS Support (Snort/Bro)

- Fixed Snort DAQ filtering API
- Fixed cluster issues on Bro (due to a libpcap symbols issue)

* Misc

- Improved 'zbalance_ipc' clusters management with systemd:
- Service improvements to set the status after the cluster process is actually up and running
- Fixed hugepages memory allocation in case of clusters not using ZC drivers
- CoreOS support, pf_ring module and drivers installation scripts
- Improved service dependencies with systemd with respect to other ntop applications
- Added GID to the hugepages configuration file to allow nonprivileged users to use ZC applications

2018-06-12 PF_RING 7.2

* ZC Library
- New API pfring_zc_pkt_buff_pull / pfring_zc_pkt_buff_push to manage buffer head room
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ snort:
cd userland/snort/pfring-daq-module-zc; autoreconf -ivf; ./configure; make

git log --since={`curl -s | grep datetime | head -n1 | egrep -o "[0-9]+\-[0-9]+\-[0-9]+"`} --name-only --pretty=format:" - %s" > ./doc/Changelog.txt
git log --since={`curl -s | grep datetime | head -n1 | egrep -o "[0-9]+\-[0-9]+\-[0-9]+"`} --name-only --pretty=format:" - %s" > Changelog.latest

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