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#### nDPI 2.6 (December 2018)

## New Supported Protocols and Services

* New Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero dissectors all identified as Mining
* New dissector
* New Nest Log Sink dissector
* New UPnP dissector
* Added support for SMBv1 traffic, split from SMBv23

## Improvements

* Improved Skype detection, merged Skype call in/out into Skype Call
* Improved heuristics for Skype, Teredo, Netbios
* Improved SpeedTest (Ookla) detection
* Improved WhatsApp detection
* Improved WeChat detection
* Improved Facebook Messenger detection
* Improved Messenger/Hangout detection
* Improved SSL detection, prevent false positives
* Improved guess for UDP protocols
* Improved STUN detection
* Added more Ubuntu servers
* Added missing categorization with giveup/guess
* Optimizations for TCP flows that do not start with a SYN packet (early giveup)

## Fixes

* Fixed eDonkey false positives
* Fixed Dropbox dissector
* Fixed Spotify dissector
* Fixed custom protocol loading
* Fixed missing Application Data packet for TLS
* Fixed buffer overflows
* Fixed custom categories match by IP
* Fixed category field not accounted in ndpi_get_proto_category
* Fixed null pointer dereference in ndpi_detection_process_packet
* Fixed compilation on Mac

## Other

* Deb and RPM packages: ndpi with shared libraries and binaries, ndpi-dev with headers and static libraries
* Protocols now have an optional subprotocol: Spotify cannot have subprotocols, DNS can (DNS.Spotify)
* New API functions:
- ndpi_fill_ip_protocol_category to handle ICMP flows category
- ndpi_flowv4_flow_hash and ndpi_flowv6_flow_hash to support the Community ID Flow Hashing (
- ndpi_protocol2id to print the protocol as ID
- ndpi_get_custom_category_match to search host in custom categories
* Changed ndpi_detection_giveup API: guess is now part of the call
* Added DPDK support to ndpiReader
* Removed protocol (service no longer used)
* Custom categories have now priority over protocol related categories
* Improved clang support


#### nDPI 2.4 (August 2018)

## New Supported Protocols and Services

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