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@lucaderi lucaderi released this Feb 20, 2020 · 5 commits to 3.2-stable since this release

New Features

  • New API calls
  • Protocol detection: ndpi_is_protocol_detected
  • Categories: ndpi_load_categories_file / ndpi_load_category
  • JSON/TLV serialization: ndpi_serialize_string_boolean / ndpi_serialize_uint32_boolean
  • Patricia tree: ndpi_load_ipv4_ptree
  • Module initialization: ndpi_init_detection_module / ndpi_finalize_initalization
  • Base64 encoding: ndpi_base64_encode
  • JSON export: ndpi_flow2json
  • Print protocol: ndpi_get_l4_proto_name / ndpi_get_l4_proto_info
  • Libfuzz integration
  • Implemented Community ID hash (API call ndpi_flowv6_flow_hash and ndpi_flowv4_flow_hash)
  • Detection of RCE in HTTP GET requests via PCRE
  • Integration of the libinjection library to detect SQL injections and XSS type attacks in HTTP requests

New Supported Protocols and Services

  • TLS: new decode
  • Added ALPN support
  • Added export of supported version in TLS header
  • Added Telnet dissector with metadata extraction
  • Added Zabbix dissector
  • Added POP3/IMAP metadata extraction
  • Added FTP user/password extraction
  • Added NetBIOS metadata extraction
  • Added Kerberos metadata extraction
  • Implemented SQL Injection and XSS attack detection
  • Host-based detection improvements and changes
  • Added Microsoft range
  • Added website
  • Added and as EAQ
  • Added, range as Skype
  • Added range as Amazon
  • Added
  • Changed range from Skype to Microsoft
  • Refreshed Whatsapp server list, added IPs
  • Added public DNSoverHTTPS servers


  • Reworked and improved the TLS dissector
  • Reworked Kerberos dissector
  • Improved DNS response decoding
  • Support for DNS continuous flow dissection
  • Improved Python bindings
  • Improved Ethereum support
  • Improved categories detection with streaming and HTTP
  • Support for IP-based detection to compute the application protocol
  • Renamed protocol 104 to IEC60870 (more meaningful)
  • Added failed authentication support with FTP
  • Renamed DNSoverHTTPS to handle bot DoH and DoT
  • Implemented stacked DPI decoding
  • Improvements for CapWAP and Bloomberg
  • Improved SMB dissection
  • Improved SSH dissection
  • Added capwap support
  • Modified API signatures for ndpi_ssl_version2str / ndpi_detection_giveup
  • Removed ndpi_pref_http_dont_dissect_response / ndpi_pref_dns_dont_dissect_response (replaced by ndpi_extra_dissection_possible)


  • Fixed memory invalid access in SMTP and leaks in TLS
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Fixed invalid memory access in a few protocol dissectors (HTTP, memcached, Citrix, STUN, DNS, Amazon Video, TLS, Viber)
  • Fixed IPv6 address format across the various platforms/distributions
  • Fixed infinite loop in ndpi_workflow_process_packet
  • Fixed SHA1 certificate detection
  • Fixed custom protocol detection
  • Fixed SMTP dissection (including email)
  • Fixed Telnet dissection and invalid password report
  • Fixed invalid category matching in HTTP
  • Fixed Skype and STUN false positives
  • Fixed SQL Injection detection
  • Fixed invalid SMBv1 detection
  • Fixed SSH dissection
  • Fixed ndpi_ssl_version2str
  • Fixed ndpi_extra_dissection_possible
  • Fixed out of bounds read in ndpi_match_custom_category



  • CSV output enhancements
  • Added tunnelling decapsulation
  • Improved HTTP reporting
  • Added scan and HTTP attacks (XSS, SQL Injection) detection
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