Simple speedometer-like gauge with needle for Android
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CardioMoodSpeedometerView Version: 1.0.1 Mar 11, 2014 Update Oct 22, 2014

SpeedometerView -- DEPRECATED!!!

This project is deprecated and no longer maintained. The contents were moved to another library, which is available here:

Simple speedometer-like gauge with needle for Android.


Download: SpeedometerView-v1.0.1


In your layout xml-file add SpeedometerView as shown:

    android:id="@+id/speedometer" />

Configure SpeedometerView:

  private SpeedometerView speedometer;

  // Customize SpeedometerView
  speedometer = (SpeedometerView) v.findViewById(;
  // Add label converter
  speedometer.setLabelConverter(new SpeedometerView.LabelConverter() {
      public String getLabelFor(double progress, double maxProgress) {
          return String.valueOf((int) Math.round(progress));
  // configure value range and ticks
  // Configure value range colors
  speedometer.addColoredRange(30, 140, Color.GREEN);
  speedometer.addColoredRange(140, 180, Color.YELLOW);
  speedometer.addColoredRange(180, 400, Color.RED);

Version History

SpeedometerView 1.0.1

  • added attribute labelTextSize
  • text is drawn in dp (looks the same on all screens now)
  • fixed needle artifact

Download: SpeedometerView-v1.0.1

SpeedometerView 1.0

Minimal Android SDK version: 9 (Android 2.3)

Supported features:

  • Major and minor tick marks
  • Custom labels
  • Colored value ranges
  • Animation of arrow (requires Android API level 11+)

Download: SpeedometerView-v1.0