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Windows Azure CDN Helpers
+I am no longer maintaining this project as much of this funcationality is now included by default in ASP.NET MVC4 and Razor Web Pages 2. I would recommend using ASP.NET MVC4 or Razor 2 instead of this library going forward. See:
+## Information
This is a project that helps you quickly utilize the Windows Azure CDN from your ASP.NET MVC website. These helpers will work on sites hosted on and off Windows Azure.
These helpers provide you with an easy way to utilize the Windows Azure CDN to increase the performance of your web application. Utilizing these helpers should give you fairly significant decreases in load time of your site and will reduce the overall size of your website. When configuring these tools I would recommend testing your site with [YSlow]( or [Google Page Speed]( to determine which improvements are needed to speed up your site. Many of the recommended improvements will be automatic when using these helpers.

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