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#include <dynamic>
#pragma newdecls required
#pragma semicolon 1
public void OnPluginStart()
// Creating a dynamic object
Dynamic dynamic = Dynamic();
// Dynamic will convert member types automatically based on
// the type used when they were first set.
// Lets show each types setter
dynamic.SetBool("Bool", false);
dynamic.SetDynamic("Dynamic", INVALID_DYNAMIC_OBJECT);
dynamic.SetFloat("Float", 77.7);
dynamic.SetHandle("Handle", null);
dynamic.SetInt("Int", 66);
dynamic.SetString("String", "Hello!");
dynamic.SetVector("Vector", NULL_VECTOR);
// Each member above has it's type set because the first setter
// determines the members lifetime type.
// Lets give some examples
dynamic.SetString("Bool", "True"); // Bool == bool:true
dynamic.GetFloat("Int"); // returns float:66.0
dynamic.GetInt("Float"); // returns int:78 (rounds to closest whole number)
// Bool, Float, Int and String can all be all freely type
// converted between eachother.
// Dynamic and Int are convertable with eachother
// Handle is not convertable with any other type
// Vector and String are convertable with eachother
// Any unconvertable types will receive an
// `Unsupported member datatype` error
// Dont forget to dispose!