The NTP reference implementation, refactored
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= The NTPsec distribution base directory =

This directory and its subdirectories contain NTPSec, a
security-hardened implementation of Network Time Protocol Version 4.
You can browse a summary of differences from legacy NTP here:

The contents of the base directory are given in this file. The contents of
subdirectories are usually given in the README files in each subdirectory.

The base directory ./ contains the configuration files, source
directories and related stuff:

INSTALL::	Generic installation instructions.

NEWS::		What's new in this release.

README::	This file.

VERSION::	The version stamp, to be used by scripts and programs.

attic/:: 	Directory containing source code that is *not* part of a
		normal installation. Things can disappear from here at any

contrib/::	Directory containing contributed scripts, dragons dwell here.
		Some of this might eventually move to being supported code.

devel/::	Documentation and small tools aimed at developers.
		Includes a hacking guide and a tour of the internals.

docs/::		Directory containing a complete set of documentation on
		building and configuring a NTP server or client. The files
		are in asciidoc markup.  This replaces the 'html' directory
		of previous versions, but html can be generated from it.

etc/::		Directory containing a motley collection of configuration files
		and launch scripts for various systems. For example

include/::	Directory containing include header files used by most
		programs in the distribution.

libisc/::	Utility code from Internet Systems Consortium.  The local
		copy has been significantly trimmed and modified.

libjsmn/::	A minimal JSON library used by the GPSD-JSON driver.

libntp/::	Directory containing library source code used by most
		programs in the distribution.

libparse/:: 	This directory contains the files making up the parser for
		the parse refclock driver. For reasonably sane clocks
		this refclock drivers allows a refclock implementation
		by just providing a conversion routine and the
		appropriate NTP parameters

ntpclients/::   Directory containing sources for clients - utility programs
		to query local and remote NTP installations for log status,
		state variables, and other timekeeping information.  The term
		"clients" is used quite loosely here; any tool that is not a
		not a multi-file C program probably lives in this directory.

ntpd/::		Sources for the main time-synchronization daemon.

ntpfrob/::      The ntpfrob utility collects several small diagnostic
		functions for reading and tweaking the local clock
		hardware, including reading the clock tick rate,
		precision, and jitter.

ntptime/:: 	Directory containing a utility for reading and modifying
		kernel parameters related to the local clock.

pylib/::	Installable Python helper classes for scripts.

tests/::	Self-test code.

waf::		A copy of the waf builder.  This is the engine used to configure
		and build the codebase.

wafhelpers/::	A library of Python procedures used by the waf build system.

wscript::	NTP-specific waf rules.

www/::		Sample ntpviz files

// end