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python3-xlib is python3 version of python-xlib

Original python3 patch for python-xlib is written by @thomasklausner. Patch can be found here

I needed a keybinding tool in my project, but no python3 version exists. So I spent some days porting python-xlib to python3, I searched and found a patch written by @thomasklausner. That patch was merged to python-xlib-0.14 and all source files were revised by now, and that is python3-xlib-0.14.

This library is used in another project.

I'm not sure whether I'll have enough time to maintain this library, including improving its performance. Any help will be welcome.

It has been 4 yeras since the latest version of python-xlib was released.

Introduction(from python-xlib)

The Python X Library is intended to be a fully functional X client library for Python programs. It is written entirely in Python, in contrast to earlier X libraries for Python (the ancient X extension and the newer plxlib) which were interfaces to the C Xlib.

This is possible to do since X client programs communicate with the X server via the X protocol. The communication takes place over TCP/IP, Unix sockets, DECnet or any other streaming network protocol. The C Xlib is merely an interface to this protocol, providing functions suitable for a C environment.

There are three advantages of implementing a pure Python library:

  • Integration: The library can make use of the wonderful object system in Python, providing an easy-to-use class hierarchy.

  • Portability: The library will be usable on (almost) any computer which have Python installed. A C interface could be problematic to port to non-Unix systems, such as MS Windows or OpenVMS.

  • Maintainability: It is much easier to develop and debug native Python modules than modules written in C.


In Debian like system, python2 is default python interpreter, so use pip3 to install python3 modules:

# pip3 install python3-xlib

In Arch Linux:

# pip install python3-xlib


The main part of the code is Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Peter Liljenberg <petli@ctrl-c.liu.se>

python3-xlib is maintained by Copyright (C) 2013 LiuLang <gsushzhsosgsu@gmail.com>