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Using Snorky with Django

Snorky comes with a Django connector which can prove useful if you develop the server side of your application using Django.

Subscribable models

Adding the :py:func:`snorky.backend.django.subscribable` decorator to a model class will automatically take care of sending notifications to Snorky with each change.

You only need to provide a jsonify() method in the model which returns the representation of the model in a format which can be transformed into JSON.


from django.db import models
from snorky.backend.django import subscribable

class Task(models.Model):
    title = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    completed = models.BooleanField(default=False)

    def jsonify(self):
        return {
            "title": self.title,
            "completed": self.completed,

Subscribable REST views

If you use Django REST Framework for offering a REST API, you can also use the :py:class:`ListSubscribeModelMixin` which extends ListModelMixin to provide Snorky subscription support.

.. py:class:: snorky.backend.django.rest_framework.ListSubscribeModelMixin

    Provides a ``list()`` method which understands the ``X-Snorky`` header.

    .. py:function:: get_subscription_items()

        Returns a list of dictionaries of dealer and queries which will be sent to Snorky to authorize a subscription.

        By default it returns a list of only one item, with :py:func:`get_dealer` as dealer and :py:func:`get_dealer_query` as query.

    .. py:function:: get_dealer()

        Returns the dealer this model is associated with.

        By default it returns the value of the property :py:attr:`dealer`, if any.

    .. py:function:: get_dealer_query()

        Returns the query which will be sent to the dealer.

        By default it returns the value of the property :py:attr:`dealer_query`.

    .. py:attribute:: dealer

        The dealer name to whom subscription will be bound, if :py:func:`get_dealer()` is not redefined.

    .. py:attribute:: dealer_query

        The query which will be sent to the dealer, if :py:func:`get_dealer_query` is not redefined.


from rest_framework import viewsets
import snorky.backend.django.rest_framework as snorky

class TaskViewSet(snorky.ListSubscribeModelMixin,
    model = models.Task
    dealer = "AllTasks"
    dealer_query = None