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@d3m3vilurr d3m3vilurr released this Oct 27, 2017 · 4 commits to master since this release

What changed

  • Apply latest flashcart_core
  • Fix huge mistakes for supporting R4i SDHC; I hope these patches will be resolving problems.
  • Support R4i Gold 3DS rev v4/v5; Thanks @zoogie
  • UI little changes(not much)
  • Rebrand project name; now users will reduce confusion about ak2i & ntrcarthax things.


  • For non-AK2i users; after flash ntrboot firm, you will lose flashcart feature.
  • DSi mode cannot support restore feature; DSi device not support flashcart hot-swap
  • R4i SDHC cannot support restore feature; it related NDS memory limit
  • These mean if you haven't compatible backup, you will lose permanently flashcart feature,
    if you have backup, you can restore using ntrboot_flasher
  • If you have NDS or NDSL, use DS mode instead DSi. This version support restore flashcart
    until shutdown console.
  • if you got a problem, please make the issue.

How to use

Follow the guide for single system, guide for nds or guide for dsi

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