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Welcome to the espclock wiki!

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Here are some features:

  • Full customization for time zones: You can change the offset for Daylight savings or Std (or none at all) and when it starts and stops.
  • Displays Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Tenths, Hundredths of seconds
  • WPA2 Security
  • Easy setup up: Press the setup button within 5 seconds of power-on to force into AP mode. Connect to ESP-CLOCK-XXXXX and go to to configure Wifi settings
  • Password protected: Unique to each ESP card, displayed on power on
  • Firmware updates: Can be updated by user remotely
  • Fine adjust: Can tune clock by seconds
  • Customization for NTP Server and sync interval (minimum of 60 seconds)
  • Displays signal strength, last sync, first sync times
  • Dim the display for night time
  • Can run off of a standard USB Charger power supply
  • Can change between 12 and 24 hour mode
  • Handles leap seconds

This clock uses the GPIO pins on the ESP8266-01 module to connect to 2 Adafruit 7 segment display backpacks. A momentary ON switch is also used to put the clock into program mode. A basic schematic includes a 3.3v regulator, the ESP8266, the two displays and the button. The clock can use a 5v input such as a USB charger.

Special Thanks to: Ben Buxton for his original design and code.
Paul Stoffregen for his Time Library.
Ewald Kendziorra - for his NTP code that actually gives milliseconds!
Dr. William F. Baker for his inspiration for a high precision time piece.



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