Serial Upload

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In the event of bricking the clock, you can upload new code using a FTDI cable at 3.3 volts. My schematic shows a jumper for connecting the TXD/RXD and GND pins form the FTDI adapter. I believe the RXD is pin 1, GND is pin 2 and TXD is pin 3. You also have to put a jumper across the FLASH pins before power on. I don't have instructions yet on how to update it using a standalone tool (more to come!) but if you compile the project in the Arduino environment with the ESP8266 board manager set up, it should connect and you will see the blue LED flicker. For the generic ESP8266-01 board, I choose:

  • Flash mode: QIO
  • Flash Freq: 40 MHz
  • CPU Freq: 80 MHz
  • Flash Size: 1M (256 SPIFFS)
  • Reset Method: ck
  • Speed: 115200
  • Pick the COM port the FTDI cable appears as
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