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Quick Setup:

Network Setup:

Out of the box it will load defaults and go into USE APP mode. Using the espressif esptouch app (also available in Google Play) you can configure its wifi settings while in the USE APP mode. (Note the app doesn't work with iOS 12 yet, I will update when they fix that.) This mode lasts for 60 seconds, after which it changes to the AP mode, which you can use any device to configure. The app expects you to have your mobile device on the same network, and will ask for the password for the network. Press Confirm when done, it usually takes about 15 seconds to configure. The app will then show you the IP address of the clock when done, which you can then use a browser to configure any additional settings (like timezone). You can also get the IP by pressing the rear button at any time. If you used this method, skip down to the "settings" section below.

To force setup mode, press the SETUP button within 5 seconds of power on and it will display USE APP for 60 seconds, then AP followed by the ID and IP Address.

AP Mode Setup:

On any computer or phone, connect to the network named ESP-CLOCK-XXXXX where XXXXX is the unique ID for your clock. It is the same ID shown on the display. The password is 12345678. Once you connect, go to and the admin page will load.

On the admin page, fill in the SSID field with your wifi network name and the PSK field with the password. If no password, leave blank. Note the password has a max limit of 64 characters. While you're there, you can fill in the clock name, in case you have more than one so you can identify the clock. Check off Update Wifi Config and click Update at the bottom. The page may appear to hang, but you should see your device connect to the wifi network, show the IP it got and then the time.


Configuring time zone and source: Once the clock is on the network, you can connect to it via its IP address. It will show the address on startup or if you press the SETUP button. Connect to your wifi network and enter in the address in your browser.

The username is "admin" and the password is the 5 or 6 digit clock ID in all lowercase shown on startup, usually in the format of 1df1d0 or 61a90.

You can specify the DNS name or IP of any NTP time server and the interval to sync with. A good interval is 10 minutes which is 600 seconds. 0.espclock.pool.ntp.org is the default. These values take effect immediately. If you change the interval, you may notice that the clock displays dashes while it re-syncs the time. A small dot will appear next to the minutes digit when the clock is syncing.

Time Zone: There are two sections to configure for the time zone, one for Daylight Savings (DST) and Standard (STD) time. Here you can put in the zone abbreviation and offset along with the start or end time. These settings won't take effect until you reset the clock (power cycle it).

Other Settings:

  • 12 Hr: Put the clock in 12 hour display mode
  • Sync Indicator: Normally the dot between the minutes and seconds flashes on sync and stays on when not synced. You can invert this behavior by checking off this option.
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