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Setup environment

Install gems

$ bundle install

Create database

$ bundle exec rake db:create

Run migrations

$ bundle exec rake db:migrate

Import seed data

$ bundle exec rake db:seed

Start the development solr server for support messaging system

$ rake sunspot:solr:run

Run tests

Copy a scheme from development DB to test DB

$ bundle exec rake db:test:prepare

Run tests

$ bundle exec rake spec

Deploy to heroku

To deploy the app to heroku, you must have a heroku account.

Install heroku gem

$ gem install heroku

Create an app on heroku if the app is not available on heroku

$ heroku create madlab --stack cedar

You can change madlab with your app name.

If you have already had an app on heroku (, go to the app folder and run the following command

$ git remote add heroku

Run the following command whenever you want to deploy to heroku

$ git push heroku master #run this command on the first setup or when the code changed

Setup database

$ heroku run rake db:migrate #run this command on the first setup or when the database changed
$ heroku run rake db:seed #run this command on the first setup

How to use Amazon S3 for storage in development mode

Add unix variables

$ export S3_SECRET=WkvVB47T4UKWXSnvdjn9hq8Ur1vpakDOcw/eCp5q
$ export S3_BUCKET=madlab.development

Change s3 config on /config/environments/development.rb

  config.s3_backend = true

Git Flow

To install Git Flow

Read more at A successful Git branching model.

Git Flow Init

If you try to list features:

git flow feature

and get "fatal: Not a gitflow-enabled repo yet. Please run 'git flow init' first." Go ahead and run as directed. You'll be presented with a few options. Here's the output.

Which branch should be used for bringing forth production releases?
   - cleanup_views
   - develop
   - master
Branch name for production releases: [master] 

Which branch should be used for integration of the "next release"?
   - cleanup_views
   - develop
Branch name for "next release" development: [develop] 

How to name your supporting branch prefixes?
Feature branches? [feature/] 
Release branches? [release/] 
Hotfix branches? [hotfix/] 
Support branches? [support/] 
Version tag prefix? [] 

Now if you run:

`git flow feature`

You should see: 

No feature branches exist.

You can start a new feature branch:

    git flow feature start <name> [<base>]


To list, start or finish a feature:

git flow feature

git flow feature start <feature_name> [<base>]

git flow feature finish <feature_name>

For feature branches, the "base" arg must be a commit on develop.


To list, start or finish a hotfix:

git flow hotfix

git flow hotfix start <hotfix_name> [<base>]

git flow hotfix finish <hotfix_name>

For hotfix branches, the "base" arg must be a commit on master.

Following Git Flow Manually

Creating a New Feature:

When creating new features start with the develop branch.

> git checkout -b new_feature develop

Work on the new feature and commit changes as usual.

Finishing a New Feature

> git checkout develop

> git merge --no-ff new_feature

Delete the feature branch

> git branch -d new_feature

> git push origin develop

The --no-ff flag causes the merge to always create a new commit object, even if the merge could be performed with a fast-forward. This avoids losing information about the historical existence of a feature branch and groups together all commits that together added the feature.

Creating a Hotfix

When creating a hotfix, start with the master branch.

> git checkout -b new_hotfix master

Work on the hotfix and commit changes as usual.

Finishing a Hotfix

First deal with master.

> git checkout master

> git merge --no-ff new_hotix

Next include the fix in develop.

> git checkout develop

> git merge --no-ff new_hotfix

Then remove the hotfix branch

> git branch -d new_hotfix

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