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Documentation from the No Time to Wait Symposium (18-20 July 2016)

/twarc-archive -- Tweets and images using the hashtag #notimetowait

/presentations -- Slides and other resources from the conference

/notes -- Notes from the conference


Day 1

  • Introduction: Volkmar Ernst & Jürgen Keiper, Ashley Blewer & Dave Rice | video
  • PREFORMA Challenge, Erwin Verbruggen | video | slides
  • "FFV1 and Archives: A Short History About Almost Everything", Peter Bubestinger | video | slides
  • Matroska: A History, Steve Lhomme | video | slides
  • More Than Just a Wrapper: The Role of Container Formats within Archive Workflows, Tobias Rapp (NOA GmbH) | video | slides
  • CELLAR Working Group Update, Tessa Fallon | video
  • Developing Specifications for Audiovisual Preservation and Archiving: Lessons from FADGI's MXF AS-07, Kate Murray (Library of Congress) | video | slides
  • Matroska, webM, and Google, Michael Bradshaw | blog
  • Comparison of lossless Video Codecs for Digital Preservation, Merle Friedrichsen (Technische Informationsbibliothek) | video | slides
  • 5 years of archiving with FFV1 at the Austrian Mediathek, Marion Jaks (Österreichische Mediathek) | video
  • DVA-Profession: one of the very view workflow management systems dealing with ffv1, Hermann Lewetz (Österreichische Mediathek) | video
  • Implementing FFV1 for Large-Scale A/V Digitization at IU, Heidi Dowding (Indiana University) | video
  • The Moral Character of Software, Igor | video
  • OpenArchive Intro - OSS mobile media preservation + future application, Natalie Cadranel | (no video upon request) | website
  • FFV1 and DPX, Kieran O'Leary (IFI Irish Film Archive) & Reto Kromer (AV Preservation by | video

Day 3

  • Intro and IETF Report Back, Jerome Martinez, Steve Lhomme, Dave Rice | video
  • Stress testing FFV1, Kieran Kunyha video
  • Stress testing FFV1, Peter Bubestinger | video
  • FFV1 and Matroska: Digitization and Contextualization, Dave Rice | video
  • MediaConch: Presentation of Specification-Based Validation, Jerome Martinez | video
  • Matroska Tools, Steve Lhomme | video
  • Audiovisual Archiving in the Balkans - A Survey (Technological issues and challenges), Daniel Borosa (Croatian Radiotelevision) | (temporarily no video upon request) | slides
  • When Vendors Say No: A vendor wouldn't implement FFV1/MKV and how this decision transformed our archive, Kieran O'Leary (IFI Irish Film Archive) | video

Working group documents (Day 2)



To stream and record this conference, we used:

  • Mac laptop
  • BlackMagic Design UltraStudio Express (thunderbolt)
  • Small handheld consumer camera
  • Tripod for camera
  • Open Broadcaster Software
  • YouTube (for streaming and uploaded recorded media)
  • For one video ("FFV1 and Matroska: Digitization and Contextualization"), we recorded using an iPhone 6S