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sample code/text used in NTU HPC Internal Training during AY2018-2019
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NTU HPC :: Training AY18-19

Repo for code/text used in NTU HPC internal weekly training.

If you wish to request the slides, please email Ziji :

Training Schedule

The following is the tentative training schedule of NTU HPC during Academic Year 2018-2019.

0 - Linux Basics
1 - Compilation
2 - Build System
3 - Libraries and Debugger
4 - Parallel Programming Models
5 - Profiling and Runtime Tuning
6 - OpenMP (Part 1)
7 - OpenMP (Part 2)
8 - Review on Optimizations

Sem2\ Week2 - Cluster Configuration and Hardware (including Infiniband) (Weiliang)
Week4 - MPI (Part 1)
Week5 - MPI (Part 2)
Week6 - GPU and CUDA (Part 1)
Week8 - CUDA (Part 2)
Week9 - Distribited Tensorflow and Optimization && Case Study Horovod (Cao Liu)
Week10 - Case Study WRF && everyone try to compile (Xinye)
Week11 - data visualization with ParaView (Hailin)

Team Communication

Please feel free to fork and PR to this repo 😃

Credits to NSCC for sharing their optimization training materials with us.

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