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Welcome to the CFServant wiki! CFServant is currently in v0.1. Try it out and contribute!

CFServant is a ColdFusion project that provides common actions to help you build a service tier quickly. CFServant builds upon ColdFusion ORM which was introduced in ColdFusion 9. Will it work in prior versions of ColdFusion? No.

CFServant does two things:

  1. Provides generic service code for your service tier to be called from your ColdFusion applications.
  2. Provides a generic service proxy to quickly enable a service API.

CFServant is opinionated and presumptive. It expects that you do certain things in a certain way. Is it the best way? CFServant thinks so!

If this is your first look at CFServant, here are a few links to get you started. You'll notice that there isn't a ton of documentation provided. After reading what's here though, you'll agree that it is just enough. CFServant is meant to be easy in both setup and usage.

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