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p0c_blue for CVE-2020-0022


      • Kali Linux
      • Find d#v1c#s
      • Ditrect program
        • Scan...
      • Need to install
apt install libbluetooth-dev
      • Compiling
gcc p0c_blue.c -lbluetooth -o p0c_blue
      • Attack
./p0c_blue MAC_ADDR


  • This poc_hould be stable on android 8.1.0,once it run into truncating packet, crash. But it cloud be very unstable, on Samsung s9 plus surely unstable.
  • Run poc on raspberry pi 3B has been tested okay.
  • run ubuntu/arch with vmware in windows 10 on thinkpad x1c 2018 or ubuntu with pd in mac os x could not run into truncating code , don't know why.

Test List

  • OnePlus 5T with Android 8.1.0: stable.
  • Samsung s9 plus with Android 9.0: unstable.
  • Nova 3 with Android 9: stable.

      • Fix on OS 10

CVE	                References	      Type	       Severity	   Updated AOSP versions
CVE-2020-0022	      A-143894715	      DoS	         Moderate	       10
      • Table:

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