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A quick hack for when wget doesn't cut it.

tl;dr Perform browser's "Save page as" (Ctrl+S) operation from command line without manual intervention


This small bash script simulates a sequence of key presses which opens a given url in the browser, save the page (Ctrl+S), and close the browser tab/window (Ctrl+F4). Chained together, these operations allow you to use the "Save Page As" (Ctrl+S) programtically (currently you can use either of google-chrome, chromium-browser or firefox, and it's fairly straight forward to add support for your favorite browser).


# Save your FB home page
$ ./save_page_as "" --destination "/tmp/facebook_home_page.html"
# Use Firefox to open a web-page and save it in /tmp (the default name for the file (Page title) is used)
$ ./save_page_as "" --browser "firefox" --destination "/tmp"
# Save a url with default name, but provide an additional suffix
$ ./save_page_as "" --destination "/tmp" --suffix "-trial_save"
# List all available command line options.
$ ./save_page_as --help

save_page_as: Open the given url in a browser tab/window, perform 'Save As' operation and close the tab/window.

   save_page_as URL [OPTIONS]

URL                      The url of the web page to be saved.

  -d, --destination      Destination path. If a directory, then file is saved with default name inside the directory, else assumed to be full path of target file. Default = '.'
  -s, --suffix           An optional suffix string for the target file name (ignored if --destination arg is a full path)
  -b, --browser          Browser executable to be used (must be one of 'google-chrome' or 'firefox'). Default = 'google-chrome'.
  --load-wait-time       Number of seconds to wait for the page to be loaded (i.e., seconds to sleep before Ctrl+S is 'pressed'). Default = 4
  --save-wait-time       Number of seconds to wait for the page to be saved (i.e., seconds to sleep before Ctrl+F4 is 'pressed'). Default = 8
  -h, --help             Display this help message and exit.

The script needs xdotool installed ( (for OpenSuse)zypper install xdotool (for Ubuntu) sudo apt-get instal xdotool.

Sidenote: My particular use case while writing this script was crawling a bunch of web pages which were rendered almost entierly on client side using lots of javascript magic (thus saving output of wget url was useless). Since the browser is capable of rendering those pages, and also saving the post-render version on disk (using Ctrl+S), I wrote this script to automate the process (Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 myself).

Suggestions and/or pull requests are always welcome!

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