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To build fdkaac, you need the followings:
- libfdk-aac (
- GNU autoconf, GNU automake
libfdk-aac is always required, and probably you have to build it yourself.
Others are required only when you build by configure and make on Unix-like
enviromnent (including Cygwin or MinGW), and usually you can install them
through package manager of your system if they are not already present.
Unix-like environment
You can build and install libfdkaac and fdkaac in the following step.
1) extract the source, and cd to the source directory
2) autoreconf -i
3) ./configure
4) make
5) sudo make install
Depending on your requirements, you might want to add some extra arguments to
configure script.
You have to install libfdk-aac first, and do the same for fdkaac.
Windows, MSVC
Extract libfdk-aac under fdkaac directory, and open MSVC/fdkaac.sln.