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#ifndef _NORMALIZE_H
#define _NORMALIZE_H
#include "iointer.h"
class Normalizer: public DelegatingSource {
double m_peak;
std::vector<uint8_t> m_ibuffer;
std::vector<float> m_fbuffer;
x::shared_ptr<FILE> m_tmpfile;
SampleFormat m_format;
uint64_t m_processed;
uint64_t m_samples_read;
Normalizer(const x::shared_ptr<ISource> &src);
const SampleFormat &getSampleFormat() const { return m_format; }
size_t readSamples(void *buffer, size_t nsamples);
double getPeak() const { return m_peak; }
size_t process(size_t nsamples);
uint64_t samplesRead() const { return m_processed; }
uint64_t getSamplesRead() const { return m_samples_read; }
uint64_t length() const { return m_processed; }
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