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All files are distributed as Public Domain, except for the followings:
Files under ALAC, include/ALAC*.h:
These are part of Apple Lossless Audio Codec Project distribution
( Slightly modified.
Files under mp4v2:
These are part of mp4v2 (,
Files under taglib:
These are part of TagLib (,
(tfile.cpp is modified to remove undesired dependencies)
These are from FreeBSD CVS repositry
and modified to use wchar_t instead of char.
Files under include/FLAC:
These are header files of FLAC (,
version 1.2.1
This is a header file of libsndfile (,
version 1.0.24
This is a header file of WavPack (
This is a header file of TAK (,
version 2.2.0
This is a header file of libsoxrate.
Minimized DLL version made out of sox 14.3.2 (rate effect only).
This is a header file of libsoxr (