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DSP options for convenience

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qaac supports the following DSP options.

  • Lowpass filter (--lowpass)
  • Sample rate conversion (--rate)
  • Normalization (--normalize)
  • Gain adjustment (--gain)
  • Dynamic range compressor (--drc)
  • Limiter (--limiter)
  • Channel reordering (--chanmap)
  • Matrix mixer (--matrix-preset, --matrix-file)
  • Delay (--delay)
  • Quantization (-b, --bits-per-sample)

Note that --rate depends on libsoxr, and --lowpass, --matrix-preset, --matrix-file depend on libsoxconvolver.

Channels are internally/automatically reordered. At first, channels are reordered to the Microsoft order (such as L C R to L R C). Before encoding to AAC/ALAC, it is reordered again to AAC order (such as C L R). Of course, this reordering works properly only when the input channel layout is known. If not known, qaac uses the default guess, and it's always Microsoft order. You can use --chanmap and --chanmask to let qaac know the channel layout.

DSP chain is processed in the following order. As you can see, when matrix mixer and --chanmap is processed, channels are in Microsoft WAV order. You have to take it into account when you use these options.

  1. Delay
  2. Reordering to Microsoft order
  3. Matrix mixer
  4. Channel reordering with --chanmap
  5. Reordering to AAC order (AAC/ALAC)
  6. Sample rate conversion
  7. Lowpass filter
  8. Dynamic range compression
  9. Normalization
  10. Gain adjustment
  11. Limiter
  12. Quantization
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