Tagging options

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Tags present in the input file are basically copied to the output. You can additionally supply tags by command line options. Tags that are given in the form of command line options take precedence over the ones in input. You can also use tagging options to prevent unwanted tags from being written to the output by specifying empty tag value like:

qaac --artist= foo.wv

In this case, artist tag is not written to the output even when it is present in foo.wv

Most of the tagging options such as --title or --artist would be self explanatory. However, qaac has two generic tagging options: --tag and --long-tag. These are powerful, generic but error prune. So, if you just want to put an artist tag, use --artist instead of more generic --tag.

--tag option

--tag <fcc>:<value>

writes iTunes defined tag specified by four-char-code. For details, read mp4v2 document. For example, the following:

--tag "soar:suzanne vega"

will put "Sort Artist" tag.

Some tags such as stik or sfID have value of ID numbers. You can set these tags by explicitly giving the number, or corresponding string name. In the case of sfID (country code of iTMS), you can use country name or ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 Code described on the mp4v2 document.

Finally, for tags stating with U+00A9 (copyright sign), you can skip first copyright sign and enter 3 chars as fcc.

--long-tag option

--long-tag <name>:<value>

can be used for arbitrary custom tag.