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Clarifications to INSTALL #6

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Fix make clean, added to changelog 1 commit :)

Pablo Dejuan clarifies INSTALL Go dependencies
Fix make clean
@nu7hatch nu7hatch merged commit a1b69bb into nu7hatch:master
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Commits on Dec 29, 2011
  1. clarifies INSTALL Go dependencies

    Pablo Dejuan committed with Cubox
    Fix make clean
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@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
+2011-12-29 Pablo Dejuan <>
+ * INSTALL: clarifies INSTALL Go dependencies
2011-12-29 Krzysztof Kowalik <>
* webrocket/: finished big refactoring
@@ -1,12 +1,16 @@
-Go compiler
+To install WebRocket you need the following tools and dependecies:
+Latest Go compiler
WebRocket is written in Go language. If you don't have Go compiler
installed yet, follow this installation guide:
-IMPORTANT: So far, WebRocket is using a bunch of unreleased features
+IMPORTANT: Always build Go binaries!
+So far, WebRocket is using a bunch of unreleased features
and want to catch up with Go's development, that's why you
should remember to clone *the head version* or the latest *weakly release*:
@@ -14,6 +18,13 @@ To get head version of the compiler use following command:
$ hg clone go
+ $ cd go
+ $ ./all.bash
+And follow Go instructions.
WebRocket depends on few external libraries which have to be installed
@@ -60,8 +71,9 @@ with your favorite package manager:
$ sudo apt-get install docbook asciidoc
+Building WebRocket
Once you have the Go compiler and all dependencies installed, we can move
to building our WebRocket installation. Building WebRocket is very easy and
shouldn't cause too many problems. After you will clone the repository, just
@@ -73,6 +85,12 @@ use standard 'make' targets to build and install:
$ make
$ make check # it's a good idea to run tests
+If you have already build previous versions of webrocket you should clear
+trunk and all dependencies this way:
+ $ make clean
Documentation and Manual pages
If you work on the documentation or want to simply generate man pages
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