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=== nuBuilder Forte ===
Name: nuBuilder Forte
Contributors: nubuilder
Donate link:
Tags: reports, manage data, inventory, statistics, report, customer report, user report, custom application, build application
Requires at least: 4.9.8
Tested up to: 4.9.8
Stable tag: 4.9.8
Requires PHP: 5.2.4
License: GPLv3
License URI:
nuBuilder is the world's best: open-source, low-code application and report builder.
== Description ==
nuBuilder enables you to make any application that want or need with the least amount of effort and the least amount of learning.
nuBuilder Forte is the 4th version of nuBuilder. A browser-based tool created by nuSoftware for developing web-based database applications.
nuBuilder uses either MySQL or Maria DB databases and gives its users the ability to do database operations like:
* Search
* Create
* Insert
* Read
* Update
* Delete
= Alternative to MS-Access =
nuBuilder provides an ideal replacement/upgrade from MS-Access. It won't get slower and slower as you add more records; un-like MS-Access.
= Easy To Learn For End Users =
nuBuilder uses an Uncluttered Interface which makes it very easy for new users to find there way around.
= Easy To Learn For Developers =
nuBuilder is designed to be as easy as possible to get started with building Forms and Search Screens. With online videos and documentation, you have all the information you need to become a nuBuilder developer.
= Build Business Applications Fast =
nuBuilder makes it affordable to build custom business solutions.
= Web Based =
nuBuilder is fully web based which means you can use it anywhere and end users do not need to install anything.
= Open Source =
nuBuilder is free to download and install on your own web server with zero licence fees.
= Use your existing PHP and MySQL skills =
nuBuilder is built upon industry standard technology stack and does not require you to learn any non-standard languages or templating systems.
= Single File Backup =
nuBuilder stores all forms, reports, company data and PHP/JavaScript code in MySQL. You can backup your entire application within a single database file.
= Alternative to Oracle Application Express =
nuBuilder is a enterprise level application builder but with no limitations on database size or CPU usage.
== Installation ==
If you are using nuBuilder as a Wordpress plugin, then follow these instructions:
1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/nubuilder-forte` directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
If you are using nuBuilder as a standalone application, then follow these instructions:
1. Upload the unzipped nuBuilder files to your webroot
2. Edit nuconfig.php to set you database credentials and globeadmin credentials
== Changelog ==
= 1.0 =
* This is the first version of nuBuilder Forte which has been converted to work as both a Wordpress plugin and the original mode as a standalone application.
== Documentation ==
Here is a link to PDF instructions to get started as a nuBuilder developer [nuBuilder-Forte-User-Guide]( "nuBuilder Forte User Guide")
Here is a link to the nuBuilder Forte Wiki Documentation [nuBuilder-Forte-Wiki-Documentation]( "nuBuilder Forte Wiki Documentation")