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logo grand format pour vidéos is an opensource framework and os created by the french canadian company Nuage365 that offers ai services for companies with the creation of open source solution and different tools for building artificial intelligence services, building data models to train, predictive analysis and process automation. Its other added value is to have a platform that brings together all the AI ​​engines on the market to perform scoring and build models by business domain to have the most efficient AI services possible.

Our Linkedin Page     The Nuage365 website (in french) - Documentation and Tutorials

Framework and Operating system to create custom AI services and process.

Our virtual machine and opensource OS will be available shortly on this platform once all the documentation is completed. We spent around almost 3 years building this platform :)

Project Management

Link to our devops tasks and project management in GitHub to follow dev


Tuto01 - Basic functions from shellbots
Tuto02 - The 3 shellbots functions to manage Dynamics365 Business central instances
Tuto03 - Ai model sequences management module
Tuto04 - Machine Learning and LLM management module
Tuto05 - Deployment of our AI services for our clients
Tuto06 - Example of part of an AI service dedicated to gastronomy (AiFood) for chefs, restaurants, hotels
Tuto07 - Dynamics 365 Business Central and AI data generation
Tuto08 - Scoring of Ai engines with Shellbots


Read Documentation


Shellbots ecosystem english version


Module 1 : Ai model sequences management module

shellbotsmodule1sur4 See Tutorial 03 to details.

Module 2 : Machine learning and LLM management module

module2machinelearningshellbots See Tutorial 04 to details.

Deployment to our clients of AI services created with shellbots

(Click image to expand) deploymentshellbotsv3 See Tutorial 05 to details.


Os and framework ai to create custom AI services and process






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