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2018.10-rc1 (2018-10-30)

This release introduces new functionality and bug fixes, generally expanding
support for the bladeRF 2.0 Micro. It consists of the following versions:

* FPGA bitstream                v0.9.0
* FX3 firmware                  v2.3.1
* libbladeRF                    v2.1.0
* bladeRF-cli                   v1.7.0
* MATLAB & Simulink bindings    v1.0.2
* Python bindings               v1.1.0

Note to bladerf1 (x40/x115) users: AGC will not work with FPGA versions
older than v0.8.0, due to a change in the control register mapping. A warning
will be printed during device initialization if you are using an affected
FPGA version.

API docs:
FX3 firmware:
FPGA bitstreams:
Ubuntu PPA:
Windows installer:

Summary of changes since 2018.08:

  • FPGA

    • Support for the ADS-B core on bladeRF micro
    • Add metadata flags for miniexp{1,2} IO pin status
    • Fix race condition during FX3/Nios UART initialization
    • Fix bugs in bladeRF AGC control
    • Timing closure improvements
    • Build system fixes
  • FX3

    • Fix USB device reset interrupting SPI flash autoloading of FPGA images
  • libbladeRF

    • API additions:
      • Add format macros for bladerf_frequency and bladerf_timestamp
      • Add 'manufacturer' and 'product' device description strings to
        bladerf_devinfo struct
      • Add bladerf_get_serial_struct() API function
      • Add bladerf_get_flash_size() API function
      • Add bladerf_trigger_signal values for J51-1 (bladerf2) and Miniexp-1
      • Add bladerf_get_fpga_source() API function
      • Add meta RX hardware flags for underflow, miniexp{1,2}
    • Fixes:
      • bladerf2: support TX frequencies down to 47 MHz
      • bladerf2: support sample rates down to 0.521 Msps
      • bladerf1: fix BLADERF_GPIO_AGC_ENABLE
      • bladerf2: fix bladerf_trigger_arm implementation
      • streaming: extend USB transfer timeout to match the configured stream
    • Misc:
      • Install the doxygen docs, if generated
      • Adjust RX gain mode lists for clarity
      • bladerf1: implement bladerf_{get,set}_rf_port[s]
      • bladerf1: skip initialization if BLADERF_FORCE_NO_FPGA_PRESENT is set
  • bladeRF-cli

    • Add libedit support
    • Ensure device is initialized after deferred open
    • info: display manufacturer, product, flash size
    • print: show RF routing on bladerf1
    • print: display supported ranges for sample rate, bandwidth, frequency
    • probe: handle already-open devices
    • version: display FPGA configuration source
  • MATLAB & Simulink bindings

    • Add missing BB_TXVGA1_RXLPF loopback option
    • Fix tx_gain property handling in simulink
  • Python

    • Fix rx_channel_count, tx_channel_count
    • Update with latest API functions
  • Windows installer

    • install-drivers: install a driver for the bootloader VID/PID (04b4:00f3),
      allowing easier FX3 bootloader recovery operations
    • Upgrade to libusb 1.0.22