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XML standalone Editor and Eclipse Plugin

This project contains Eclipse projects that can be imported into Eclipse Java IDE.

The com.nubean.superior eclipse project contains a Java Swing based standalone XML Editor with some advanced features that include source and design views, full suport for schemas and namespaces, XPath search, and other advanced features.

Besides the standalone XML Editor, the com.nubean.superior project is used to build a jar file that is used in com.nubean.xmlespresso eclipse project, which defines an eclipse plugin for an XML editor.

The com.nubean.xmlespresso.feature and com.nubean.xmlespresso.site eclipse projects define eclipse Feature and Site respectively.

In order to build these proejcts, first import them in eclipse IDE. Next, first build com.nubean.superior project, followed by com.nubean.xmlespresso, com.nubean.xmlespresso.feature and com.nubean.xmlespresso.site projects, in that order.