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Svelte Fluent Documentation npm (scoped) CI svelte-v3

svelte-fluent is a powerful localization library for Svelte and SvelteKit that enables you to integrate translations using Mozilla's natural-sounding Fluent syntax easily.


npm install --save-dev @nubolab-ffwd/svelte-fluent
npm install --save jsdom


Documentation can be found at


	import { FluentBundle, FluentResource } from '@fluent/bundle';
	import { FluentProvider, Localized } from '@nubolab-ffwd/svelte-fluent';

	export let userName = 'Anna';
	export let userGender = 'female';
	export let photoCount = 3;

	const translations = `
# Simple things are simple.
hello-user = Hello, {$userName}!

# Complex things are possible.
shared-photos =
    {$userName} {$photoCount ->
        [one] added a new photo
       *[other] added {$photoCount} new photos
    } to {$userGender ->
        [male] his stream
        [female] her stream
       *[other] their stream
	const bundle = new FluentBundle('en');
	bundle.addResource(new FluentResource(translations));

<FluentProvider bundles={[bundle]}>
	<strong><Localized id="hello-user" args={{ userName }} /></strong>
		<Localized id="shared-photos" args={{ userName, userGender, photoCount }} />