A PHP library to create interesting, sometimes entertaining, random names.
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Random Name Generator

A PHP library to create interesting, sometimes entertaining, random names.

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This library requires PHP 5.6, or newer.


This package uses composer so you can just add nubs/random-name-generator as a dependency to your composer.json file or execute the following command:

composer require nubs/random-name-generator



The "all" generator will utilize all other configured generators to generate random names. It will select from the list of generators randomly and then use them to generate a random name using their functionality.


$generator = \Nubs\RandomNameGenerator\All::create();
echo $generator->getName();

Alternatively, if you want to configure/build the generators to use instead of using all of the available generators, you can construct them yourself:

$generator = new \Nubs\RandomNameGenerator\All(
        new \Nubs\RandomNameGenerator\Alliteration(),
        new \Nubs\RandomNameGenerator\Vgng()

Video Game Names

The video game name generator is based off of prior art. It will generate unique names based off of "typical" video games.


  • Kamikaze Bubblegum Warrior
  • Rockin' Valkyrie Gaiden
  • Neurotic Jackhammer Detective
  • My Little Mountain Climber Conflict
  • Small-Time Princess vs. The Space Mutants

You can also use this web example to see more example video game names generated by this library.


$generator = new \Nubs\RandomNameGenerator\Vgng();
echo $generator->getName();

Alliterative Names

The alliteration name generator is based off of a list of adjectives and a list of animals.


  • Agreeable Anaconda
  • Disturbed Duck
  • Misty Meerkat
  • Prickly Pig


$generator = new \Nubs\RandomNameGenerator\Alliteration();
echo $generator->getName();


random-name-generator is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for the full license text.